About Us

Co-Founder and CEO T. Jack Williams (Inventor of the electronic gift card, CEO of core pre-paid debit card processor, Global Payments SME and 8 years on the Federal Reserve Board Payment Card Committee) founded the company in 2017.

I was looking at the impact of the Blockchain currency growth in the consumer world and realized that Blockchain currency was the next evolution in a technology world. The unique position was that the consumer would accept it but the core financial institutions would have a journey to embrace it. Consumers eventually dictate the evolution of banking and payment products thru the convenience and simplicity of how they use these products. Blockchain currency is no different. We believed the core issue was with blockchain currencies is liquidity at the consumer level...
... We quickly established that we needed to provide Blockchain currency with the same road map that cash evolved 30 years ago with the introduction of Cards, ATM and Merchant Terminals that used technology to bring the convenience and simplicity the consumer demanded. The Fintech Technology industry demanded it, the consumer wanted it but the question I had for my company was,
How can we deliver convenience and simplicity in the liquidity of Blockchain currency to the consumer?
The question I pondered for a long time because the answer is simple but the implementation was going to be obstructed by a number of factors including stakeholders, regulators, countries and financial institutions. Would they be ready to accept change or present road blocks? The answer always came back to convenience and simplicity the consumer demanded and we would work with innovative manufacturers, suppliers and financial services providers. Road blocks are part of any new disruptive service you bring but we just go thru or divert around them and WE DID!
Dave Wilkie, COO
We did a lot of research and development in the ATM and Merchant Terminal industry and introduced a concept of providing a software-based network solution that provided the same security in the authorization, clearing and settlement for the existing payment networks but we enhanced the encryption and technology by understanding and embracing blockchain technology. Working with ATM manufacturers like Hyosung and Gen Mega we produced the FIRST global network (just like VISA and MC) that combined software innovation with new blockchain technology to produce a service solution that meets all regulatory and compliance requirements.
We have formed collaborative partnerships (see our Partners page) with the leading manufactures and financial services companies that allow the consumers and investors of Blockchain currency to withdraw fiat currency from a general-purpose ATM and pay at Merchant businesses using existing payment terminals. We are not going to stop there, we have been recognized within the Banking industry as the leading Network Gateway for Blockchain currency and we are working with the Banking industry to deliver these services to their customers with the inevitable acceptance that Blockchain currencies are here to stay and Businesses, Customers and Consumers demand.
Omar Wisdom Managing Director for the Region of Canada and the Caribbean
Brett Radford GM Australasia
I have put together a experienced and professional management team in the USA, Canada, Africa and Australia to support the outstanding skills of the development engineers to ensuring that B4U Financials is the number one GLOBAL NETWORK for the Blockchain Currency liquidity market.