The first B-commerce Blockchain Powered by Global Network

Blockchain Industry

The world for Blockchain currency has arrived and B4U Financial is the leader in the liquidity of crypto currencies. Consumers and Business are benefiting from B4U solutions providing liquidity thru ATM's and Merchants in the mainstream market

Secure Platform

B4U processes on three AWS platforms located in Germany, load balanced to ensure a 99.9999 availability.

Monitoring Fraud

We have a state-of-the-art Fraud Monitoring and Prevention system with a neural database for card-non-present transactions with the ability to verify millions of transactions per hour.

Money Laundering

On all transactions we capture the KYT and wallet address when the QR is scanned and sent to B4U.

Global Network Gateway for Blockchain Liquidity

B4UFinancial has created the FIRST Network Gateway for Blockchain Currency liquidity. Business and Consumers can now have the security and convenience of liquidity thru ATM and POS for their Blockchain Currency asset.

B4Uhas adapted the technology and systems used by the worlds leading manufactures in Smart devices using IOS or Android in Tablet, iPads and Smart Phones.

  1. ATM Solutions
  2. POS Merchant Solutions
  3. Pay In and Pay Out Solutions

Our Partners Share Our Vision

B4U has been accepted by our partners as showing vision in the liquidity of blockchain currencies. B4U works very closely in collaboration with our partners to ensure the best solutions are developed and implemented hand in hand to the businesses and consumers around the world.‚Äč

B4U and our Partners have invested in both people and capital to the research and development of systems, platforms, cyber security, fraud prevention and AML compliance to ensure that only the safe and secure solutions are released thru our Network.

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